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All change

Well, after Aston Martin, there was something for me, a new job after only 2 weeks of finishing there.
Much smaller company, but it's local, and a engineering consultancy job. I've been there now over 6 weeks, and only a week and a half after starting, I got sent off to a Customer.

The work's interesting and keeps me occupied all day (CATIA work tends to do that) and I get left along with my phone radio on so i just get on with the work.
The guys in the office are all decent, and a good laugh, and i don't feel like this is 'work' as such.

Also, the pay's better, and with expenses paid, debts are rapidly being paid off! And i'm getting the BMW fixed up nicely. My brother's also recently got himself a new car, another Skoda, but a Fabia Estate (1.4TDi if anyone wanted to know) to replace his old Felicia estate.

This is now been signed over to me, so i need to get shot of it asap! I'll try and get some shots up and an ebay page if anyone's interested, it's been well serviced and has 6 months MOT / 1 Months tax (due end of Aug) but the rust has got in bad, with the rear arches needing work pretty soon.
But it's a cheap hack, and a non turbo Diesel which has done 450-500 miles to the tank, asking price is £300ono, if it makes that, i'll give it a service, no questions asked.
Pop me a message on here if interest. Pics up soon.

Failing it seems comes easy.

After a fopah at work.. i'm now staring at unemployment again at the end of this week..

And i'm not sure if i can get back on JSA either. So my life is turning to crap as the reality of this sets in, it's like my life seems to be destened to be down the toilet. Forever broke, alone and watching all my friends live it up, enjoying life and succeeding where i've failed.

I honestly don't know what to do with my life anymore.

News and updates

Been watching the chrisis unfold in Japan, seeing the various footage is sobering to watch.. the current count of 1200.. people lost is way too low, maybe another zero or more would be closer, given the devestation out there :( My thoughts are with the families affected.

On a lighter note, I finally bagged a job.. and had my first week there. Which involved benchmarking some cars, namely 2 BMWs, an M3 and a 135i, an Audi TT RS, which involved road testing them.. on a test track, fun :B
My job if anyone's curious, is a Body Development Engineer at Aston Martin.. yes THAT Aston Martin, the car manufacturer that builds the DB9, Vantage V8 and others, and stars in the James Bond Movies.

Finally means i'll be getting on with things and hopefully saving up for a house and a new car.

Rapidily approaching the big 3.0


This mutt hit 28 years old today. D: So far my brother's sent me a smoothee maker, should be fun trying it out and also a cheque from an Aunt.

Now all i need is someone calling back for a job, and today would be complete

Job hunting.


So far i've had a few interviews, and a test. Unfortunately the job at Tesla fell through after the test threw me pretty bad.
ATL fueltanks haven't responded and guessing i'm not getting anywhere there either.

However, did get a job interview for a sales support role at Koyo Bearings and it went well, and a further 2 interviews at a engineering company south and Flybrid systems, which did the KERS for Formula 1.
So far the signs are promising though with the Flybrid job having already asked salery expectations and terms of employment.

Just hoping something comes through soon.. things are getting desperate for us family wise as my Mum's not working after having to quit due to work stress and Dad's... well... Dad's being his normal self and ignoring the issues and not getting himself at least Part time work. My mum's all but given up on getting him to do much at the moment, and it's sorta having to coax him to do things as trying to give him a straight answer results in him ostridising and shutting everything out.

Oh and it's my 28th Birthday on Tuesday... yey me.. /sarcasum

Job hunting and news

Ok so having been in Germany for a week, i came back to try and get work... and not had much luck so far.
However i do have 2 interviews, one being with ATL fuel cells this coming thursday, and hopefully get on an agency next week.
I also got a phonecall on Tuesday when i got to Germany... from Tesla Motors in San Fransisco. Apparently my CV caught their interest and i ended up spending a good 35 mins on the phone to them (£5 alone!) But anycase, i took the test i was sent on Sunday and now waiting for a responce. Hopefully hear from them soon with good news... it'd be a complete change of lifestyle to move out to California in Novemember.

Sides that, i'm keeping busy by helping a friend sort his workshop out (paid of course to help keep ahead of bills) and will be off to Doncaster on Friday to service my brother's car for him.

The Results are in....

And after 4 years, several k's worth of debt...

I passed. 2:1 Honors with a 1st Class honors on my major project.
Rather happy.

Now to find work. Hopefully shouldn't be too hard considering i've got a few years experience.
Well... after 4 years... I've finally done it.

Just finished off my Final year project (thesus) as of Sunday, baring a proof read and some minor tweeks. Since then i've been setting up my project Presentation.

Besides that it's just 2 phase tests and 2 exams.. and 4 years of my life is finished

Well, ish still got Formula student but that's all i've got for this summer till August, providing i don't run out of money D: And then it's back to the real world and getting a new (and hopefully decent) job.

Troubles and coursework

Getting through the coursework, though some of it i'm having trouble with, mainly down to either not enough time with the software / crap lecturing..
But I'm still plugging away.

Recently went to service the BMW after it'd developed a heavy misfire. This was traced to a well worn distributer cap and rotor which were replaced... only for the engine to start up , make an aweful clatter and stop, refusing to restart....

Couple of hours later and having checked the timing... it was 8 teeth out... oh bugger..
2 hours after that discover, i got to this 2 weekends ago

Bugger.. all 6 exhaust valves bent, but that was all thankfully.
Friend of mine took the head away and got it to a local engine specialist, who in a week and a half stripped it down, relapped all the valves and replaced the bent exhaust valves, cleaned the head up and rebuilt it as new with new valve seals. It came back to me like this.. though missing the oil spray bar (which was later collected and installed with no problems)

Spent this morning putting the missing bar in after 2 days carefully rebuilding the car and double checking everything was right / loctited in. Went to start Sunday... no cranking, due to a flat battery, quick charge later, it spun over.. no fire still... quick check of the fuel lines and bypass of the fuel relay, yep.. fuel flows fine... try again.. and she starts!

Coolent system proved a sod to bleed this morning, but eventually done with help from Dad, car drove back to university without a hitch and pulls far better than it's ever done.

Note to self, replace cambelt on new car soon as I get it...

This is it...

Well today marked the start of my final ever semester at school, it's the last semester of the last year of my degree... and it's taken nigh on 27 years of my life to get here.

From this June I'll be hopefully out in the working world (again.. but with more experience and qualifications!) and praying to get a job somewhere, preferably in the motorsports sector... but with the current economic times, a lot of people are still hunting for jobs and there's not the places avaliable without a lot of compitition.

Still I'm hoping things turn up, and I'm putting a majority of my final year grant away for safe keeping and if i need to surrvive for a bit. though i'm hoping i can keep ahold of it for a possible deposit on my own place.

So far though my final year project is going alright, hopefully to have the new designs quoted on Wednesday and produced by March if all goes well along with the rest of the car.
July is the competition in the UK at Silverstone, and August might well see me driving 500 miles across 3 countries to Germany for the FSG event there at Hockenhiem.

Fingers crossed I'll have work for afterwards and there's a few people whom I'm hoping to send christmas cards (and maybe a gift as well... you know who you are ;3 )