Up's and downs

Wheeee... when can i get off..?

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Born In '82

Been lurking online for a few years, easy going and level headed , i can call myself, very good at problem solving especially when in a tough or difficult situations. Interests vary from werewolves to classic cars, PCs to lego, Music and bungee jumping (Well i've gotta try that sometime :P) One of my current 'projects' is a 1986 Opel Manta coupe, which i'm rebuilding into somewhat of a trackday and hillclimb car. another one currently on hiatus is my novel : Hunted. The storyline being one about werewolves, however not like the legends and proving to be quite a good read or so i'm told.

I'm still single after going to college and missing any chance of getting with a good female friend of mine... I'm a good person... just unlucky when it comes to relationships...